Get a master plan your interior wall colors…

Big tip on painting your interior walls…. is to not paint one room at a time!! I was in a home the other day and every room was an experiment room. As she repainted her home, she had tried to find the right yellow so every room was a different yellow! It was interesting to me as we took the yellow board of paint around that we had chosen for her master plan of color, how just tweaking it to the correct shade of yellow made all the difference in the world. Professional color consulting is a very inexpensive service that will make one of the biggest differences in the interior environment of your home.

One of our specialties at Interior Spaces, and the best value for your color consultation is to have us put together a master plan for your interior wall paint colors.  This will include every area of your home… even the hallways and powder rooms!  After doing a color anaysis of what your personal likes are, we analyze what wood tones you have existing in your house that you want to work around.  Are their piece of art that you love and want to make the focal point?  Many times what wall color they are surrounded with will make them look totally different.

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Don’t forget the entryway colors can be a simple way to showcase wall color on your walls!  Below is a picture of a client’s home and how we layered different colors that you viewed from the front door of the home and can create a focal point.  When chosen correctly, you will walk into the home and know that it is beautiful… but you will need to study it for a few minutes to figure out why.  If you walk into a room and say… wow… a red room… I  know I’ve failed as a professional color consultant.  My goal is to choose the colors that flow so well together, that you need to ponder how and why!

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